Brompton 清漆生銹問題

Posted on Sep 3, 2014 in Brompton, 單車

清漆版的 Brompton 雖然很有特色, 但在潮濕環境下卻會容易生銹, 亦有可能是因為透明而會容易看到. 傳說的其中一個原因是清漆比較薄, 有些地區的經銷商也如是說, 以下是在網上找到一些車友生锈的照片.


但根據 Brompton 技術部門方面的說法, 清漆色除了沒有顏料之外, 處理方法其實和其他顏色版本一樣 (不知2009年前後版本的顏色曾經改變, 這方面的處理有沒有分別). 表面的塗層是用靜電吸附着乾粉以攝氏200度焗製出來, “清漆色”其實是來自泛黄透明的表層和底層防銹的磷酸鐵塗層的顏色.

The lacquer coating is a dry powder that is electrostatically sprayed onto the part, and then baked onto the part in an oven at approx 200 deg.C. This is the same base powder that is used for other colours, but without the pigments that each colour requires. So a raw lacquer bike has exactly the same painting process as other colours, and the baked powder coating gives a much more durable finish than a wet sprayed frame. To prevent rust, all parts (and all colours) are pre-treated with a iron phosphate solution that creates a surface layer on the steel tube which gives a rust resistant layer on the plain steel tube. This pre-treatment also slightly changes the colour of the steel to a different shade of grey, and the lacquer has a very slight yellow/honey coloured hue that gives the frame it’s final ‘colour’.

其中有位車友磨去銹漬後, 再混合不同顏色的模型油逹至清漆差不多的效果, 強!

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